Rent The Runway




Loungewear is so 2020 and as the world slowly opens back up, everyone is eager to get back to being out and about which means, we’re getting dressed! There is no need to break the bank trying to buy trendy pieces that you will only wear once and then throw in the back of your closet. Instead, Rent The Runway has designer pieces you can choose from so if you want to only wear it once, you can send it back and choose something else to wear for the next event!



Reasons to use RTR

I use Rent the Runway to save money and reduce my carbon footprint. Every time you rent, you are practicing sustainability helping the world become a better place. So if you only need to wear something once, it’s fine. You don’t have to worry about wasting money. You can simply send it back with Rent The Runway.




How Does It Work?


  1. Select Your Membership

    There are 3 different membership plans. Your membership depends on how many items you want to receive at a time, starting with a minimum of 4 items at a time and how often you want to receive your shipment. Check out the different membership plans here.

  2. Choose Your Items

    After you select your plan, you can start shopping from the many different designers that Rent The Runway has to offer. Add your items to your cart and they will come to you in a reusable garment bag, dry cleaned, and ready to wear!

  3. Style and Return

    Wear your items as often as you want before it’s time for your next shipment! Your garment bag will come with a prepaid return shipping label when you’re ready to switch out your items. My favorite part about Rent The Runway is if you love something so much, you can buy it and keep it!

It’s that simple! Ready to get started? Start your Rent The Runway Membership now! You can cancel at anytime!