Fall Fashion With Classic Six

One of my favorite things about fall fashion is layering because it provides so much versatility. You can easily throw on a blazer, a sweater, or a duster over any outfit and turn it into something completely different. I was able to style an outfit 3 different ways with this timeless duster from Classic Six.

Classic Six is a new fashion brand in NYC offering a capsule of 6 timeless pieces that can be transformed into multiple outfits. Quality over quantity is the name of the game! You don’t need a closet full of clothes for fall styles. You can simply mix and match pieces to create whatever style you’re in the mood for the day. I love Classic Six because their pieces are made with high quality materials and will last for a good while.


Classic Six - 2

Dress It Up

I paired the Jackie Duster with a pleated satin skirt and a white button-up. This look can be for church, work, business meetings, or just whenever you feel like dressing up!.

Classic Six - 1

Casual Chic

The Casual Chic looks is my favorite! I paired the duster with casual trousers and a white fitted tee. Going out to lunch. This is my favorite go-to look!

Classic Six - 3

Dress It Down

I’m honestly not a jean lover. I will wear them but not my favorite. However, when I do wear them, I still want a chic look so I paired the duster with mom jeans, a white fitted tee, and all white sneakers.


The key to being able to style multiple outfits with the same piece is having a capsule wardrobe. To learn more about creating a capsule wardrobe. Visit my blog post here.


Classic Six - 4

Classis Six 5

Classic Six 6