Fall Fragrances You Need


Byredo – Casablanca Lily

Much like my wardrobe, my fragrances also change with the season. During the fall, I prefer a warm, “spicy” fragrance with a hint of floral. on my hunt for a new fragrance, I recently stumbled across a newer Byredo fragrance, Casablanca Lily. I’ve always been a fan of Byredo because their fragrances last longer as they are oil based and and a little goes a long way. This particular fragrance include notes of Jasmine, Rose, and Lily. Apparently this was created by capturing those fragrances that appears after the sun goes down. It’s definitely worth a try gif you’re looking for something new and warm!


Byredo Casablacnca Lily


Tom Ford Metallique


Tom Ford – Metallique

Another one of my favorite fragrances for fall is Tom Ford – Metallique. This fragrance is light and has an amber and sandalwood notes, yet still exonerates femininity. I will say it’s definitely not as intense as some of the other Tom Ford’s (which I don’t mind, because again, a little goes a long way). Also this comes at a cheaper price point than the other Tom Fords, so your pockets will appreciate you.



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