Keeping it Neutral

It’s no secret that I love neutrals and tans and beiges! Give me a good monochromatic outfit and I’m a happy girl! Monochromatic looks have been trendy for a while now and I couldn’t wait to wear this outfit. This skirt was thrifted from a goodwill store years ago and was on the verge of being tossed because I never thought I could pair it with anything. This outfit was inspired by Max Mara.




When it comes to styling neutrals, I prefer tans and shade of brown. However, there are so many different shades of grey and beiges, that will also work in your favor. Try to layer if you can because it helps to make your outfit pop. Because this poncho sweater flows a lot, I didn’t have to layer a lot and added some extra pizazz to the outfit. There’s a lot of misconception that neutral tones means minimalist, but neutrals do NOT have to be boring!