Make Your Perfume Last Longer



make your fragrances last!

I’m a sucker for a good smelling perfume! Especially one that lasts all day. Unfortunately, there are some really good fragrances out there that smells scrumptious but don’t seem to last very long. The difference could be that it’s a toilette and not a perfume. Eau de toilette has less concentrations of oils whereas Eau de parfum has a higher concentration of oils, which helps the fragrance lasts longer. So as you can guess, Eau de parfum is a little bit pricier but here are some tips to help your fragrance lasts longer if you decide to go with a toilette or if you just want to stretch your parfum a little longer!



Perfume Last Image


1. Add your fragrance as soon as you get out of the shower. the moisture in your skin will help absorb the fragrance, making it last longer

2. Add oil to your skin. this will also help to moisturize you skin and absorb the fragrance

3. Apply your fragrance to your pulse points. these are areas that are generally warm on your body; behind your ear, wrists, inside of elbow, and behind the knees. (if your thighs rub together like mine, then i spray a little on the inside of my thighs. this works best if i’m wearing a dress.

4. Do NOT rub your wrists together! this is a habit people usually do when spraying on fragrances. this actually breaks down the chemicals and dissolve the notes in the fragrance.

5. Add drops of perfume to any unscented lotion. this will give you that extra boost of fragrance you need!