Pantyhose That Don’t Suck

Ladies, how many times have we put on a pair of pantyhose and by the middle of the day, there’s a run or they keep rolling down and by noon, we are ready to take them off! Trust me , I know the feeling all too well. Finding a nice fitting pair of pantyhose has been a struggle but not anymore! Introducing, SHEERTEX, the world’s toughest pantyhose. Now, I know you may not wear pantyhose on a daily basis, but the times that you do wear them, shouldn’t they be the best?? Check out some of the reasons why I love wearing Sheertex below! They are life changing! Use code JASMINEWITHAWHY10 to save $10 on your purchase! #Sheertex #LifeinSheertex

Sheertex Image 1


Pantyhose can be tight and uncomfortable, much like any other undergarment. One reason I like Sheertex it because they are comfortable. I don’t have to worry about pulling them up or adjusting them. They are also good for lounging.

Sheertex Image 2


The fact that I can lounge around in pantyhose and not have to worrying about them ripping, or buying a new pair is amazing. Sometimes when you come home from work, you just want to pull our skirt off and do nothing. The good thing about SHEERTEX is they make pantyhose that lasts! I never thought I could find the strength and durability in a pair of pantyhose! Goodbye to the disposables!

Sheertex Image 3

Shaping Ability

So another reason why SHEERTEX has my vote is because they have shaping sheers! That’s right, sheers that sucks everything in and holds everything in place! SHEERTEX gives me the confidence to wear the dresses and high-waisted bottoms that I love so much! I’m able to breathe while SHEERTEX does all the work to make everything look and feel smooth.