The Shade is Real


Sunglasses are my favorite accessory to any outfit. I use to work at a sunglass store just for the discount, and well, that didn’t work out well because my paycheck always went to sunglasses. But I still have a love for sunglasses and I wanted to share the different types of sunglasses and outfits you can pair with each style.




Square or Rectangle


Square Sunglasses are my favorite because I can wear those for a classic dressy look or I can wear them when I’m running errands and on the go. I like for my square sunglasses to be dark frames and lenses but of course they come in other colors. One of my favorite places to shop for sunglasses now is Nordstrom Rack because they have luxury brands for an affordable price. Also, Nordstrom carries cute ones that I will tag below. Here are some luxury and affordable options for square sunglasses. Square or rectangle sunglasses look great on those who have a round or oval face.


Sunglasses 2


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Cat Eye

I love a good Cat Eye because they give a sense of elegance and can give you a “fancy” look. Cat Eye sunglasses come in many different styles and sometimes can be a bit dramatic. My Favorite Cat Eye sunglasses are no doubt my Prada sunglasses but I have found a few other styles that I enjoy. Cat Eye Sunglasses look great on those who have square or heart shaped face.


Cat Eye Sunglasses


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Round & Aviator

I like Round & Aviator when I’m going for a casual or more retro look. Round sunglasses are fun, edgy, and sometimes can be dressed up with the right outfit. Round sunglasses are perfect for those who have a heart shaped or oval face.


Round & Aviator Sunglasses


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Remember that the type of sunglasses for your face shape are just suggestions. It’s something to keep in mind when you’re shopping and sometimes it may or may not work for you. Wear what you like and sometimes it’s a matter of just adjusting the handles and the fit for them to look great. Happy Sunglass Shopping!


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